Thursday, September 08, 2005

FOTOMAT - Overexposed Dreams?

I just picked up a commercial for FOTOMAT to add to my film archives and thought I'd share this quick scan. Remember these?

When we lived out in the country, my Mom would drop off my rolls of 110 film at the FOTOMAT before driving back out to the middle of nowhere. Their processing was oh-so-70's, but it was always fun driving up to the window to leave your photos to be developed.

Looking at the building now, it seems practical compared to so much wasted space units in malls and the such. And the whole concept of drive-up anything seems to be long gone. The architecture of these units was also very distinct.

But now it makes me nostalgic for drive-up business of any sort (even if I don't have a car at the moment). When the Photomat went belly up in Port Perry (or Oshawa), it was turned into a videostore of some sort, with movie boxes in an outside display case. Very cool, but lasted about 2 months. The last photomat building I've seen (and recently) was misplaced at an outdoor go-kart track in Lindsay.

Bring back Photomat! Or little drive-up self-contained businesses!

Does anyone else have any memories of the funny building with the yellow lego-like roof?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My cuz Diana used to work at one! The pix were crap quality...

12:08 PM  

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