Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dion Conflict guest at TORONTO SCREAM FEST 2009

Hey Folks:

I'll be a special guest at "Toronto Scream Fest"
which happens August 6th at the Fox Cinema.

This fest looks to be a great new springboard for
up and coming horror film makers and it should be a fun night.

The Toronto Scream Fest was created so that film makers from all different areas and experiences could come together, network and showtheir films. We are trying to connect film makers that are juststarting out and haven't had much experience with other film makersthat do have the experience. The night is broken up into 3 sections;first being the "First Time Film Makers" section. Here is where we took submissions from anyone and everyone with no submission costs at all. We chose 4 films that have never been seen on the big screen togive these film makers a chance to have their films in a festival.

The next section has 2 short films made by more experienced film makers; first "Behind My Eyes" is a horror film made by Sheridan Media Arts Graduate Robert Barrow and second is a short grindhouse film byco-creator of Scream Fest and soon-to-be graduate of the SheridanMedia Arts program, Mike Klassen. Also in this section we have aspecial sneak peak at an independent feature film entitled "48 HoursIn Purgatory". This film was written and directed by Jason Armstrong.In our last section we wanted a to screen a film that has made somenoise in the industry but also has a strong independent feel. The film"Zombie Girl: The Movie" fit that bill perfectly. As an added bonus tothe night, one of the directors Justin Johnson will be coming downfrom Texas to Scream Fest and will be doing a Question and Answerperiod after the screening of the film.

Sites: Official Toronto Scream Fest site:


I'll update my blog here shortly about some other upcoming events, and a bigger project I'm working on.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer. I'll have more to chat about here shortly!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to? We were at Hunka Junk last fall & sorry I missed the Jan one!
Are you doing the Bloor again in the fall?
Please, please.
I can assure at least a dozen friends who DIDN'T get to go last time would love to come!

1:39 PM  
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Two things

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What’s in it for you?
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3:53 AM  
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