Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My week from ball hockey, honkytonks, 2 Germs

(photo: Mirva refs in downtown T-dot)

Odd title I’m sure but I gotta say the weekend was fun, and made me think more about what will be coming up as the weather gets nicer.

It rained and RAINED as of Saturday. While buying sealed Honky Tonk 8-tracks at Goodwill, Mirva calls me up to ask if I can meet with her for a bit, so we hit up Gino’s. She was already eating and I didn’t know what I wanted, so I had some nachos which were kind of blah. The next day I wake up and go down to my PO Box. It’s raining STILL. Regardless, I manage to go up to see Mirva ref a ball hockey tournament that I set up with her featuring ex-Toronto Maple Leafs Nick Kypreos and Doug Gilmour. It was out in Dundas Square, a small communal area right smack in Downtown Toronto. Some people hate the space, but I’m quite fond of it. Mirva is running around, the rain is coming down, and the people at Gilette seem sad they can’t hand out more cans of their shaving cream.

After grabbing a drink at the Hard Rock café which must have been loaded with some sort of dye (I got hives 5 minutes afterwards), I made my way up to the Noah’s Natural Foods where when I was reaching for piece of Vegan Carrot Cake from my favorite bakery, a “rodent, with a quite large tail” comes out. EWWWW. Scratch me going to Noah’s on Yonge Street anytime soon. The rest of the afternoon was filled with meetings.

Sunday after 4 hours of sleep (I got home at 6am), Dave F and Julie came to meet up with me at our favorite nabe-grill, J.Mercury’s, along with their baby girl, Emily. She has piercing blue eyes and looks around everywhere. We chatted and looked at the rain.

It’s Wednesday today, and I’m battling a cold for a second day. It sucks because I just wanted to Mihai’s to screen a lost film print, “Happenin’ In Hamelin”. But it’s time to recharge the batteries. It might be a weekend of finding 8-tracks of Honky Tonk Music, rats in health food stores, and rain. But they say it should be nice here this weekend.