Monday, May 01, 2006

Beat the cough!

All last week, I've been trying to fight off a cough and cold. My friend Colin will say "You're always sick!" but it's more of dealing with Toronto's strange weather (today is +21C, but there was frost last week in the morning). It's sucks not only because it prevented me from bootay calls, but just making me feel lethargic and sleepy a lot of the time.

But some fun things happened on the weekend anyhow. On Saturday I talked my neighbour Kat into hitting up some church flea markets. The first one we went to had the best lemon meringue pies ever, and cool things like Strawberry Daquiri jam (cool!). At the next one I picked up some crap, including a book on Malcolm X (By any means necessary) and Mattel Synsonic drums (a very early drum machine). Cat and I grabbed a quick bite at Ikea before going home, and me going back to bed (for this cold).

Sunday had me meet up with Greg and Mirva for some South American buffet at PLAZA FLAMINGO on College street. Last time we had the worse service by a waiter who's face reminded me of my Mom's meatloaf for some reason, but the service was incredible this time. If you come to Toronton or are in the city, this is a great surprise for $8... All you can eat and some really good food to boast.

Of course, after bidding Mirva adieu, Greg and I hit a bazaar in a Buddhist Temple. Greg of course immediately swarms the videotapes almost pushing me aside to get em (I was looking at the box first! But tis ok, I didn't need anymore tapes). But I did get some weird Asian CD by a spice girls looking group called "Blush". I'll spin it shortly. It looks awful.

For the evening I stood inside and between napping and watching a 9/11 movie, there were loads of laundry to do. Ahhhh, my boring life.

I guess it's good to have some down time.

Anyhow, still battling the cold but today just feel OUT OF IT here at work. The mix of the cough medicines and just generally being tired is too much.

No real photos yet! I'll snap something shortly. Hopefully I'll hear some "good news" this week (More on that later).


Blogger Greg Woods said...

Ummmmmm...... taking a little poetic license there arent you? I was going through the ones you discarded!

Love always

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