Thursday, July 20, 2006

The $10 Hasselhoff

This bruised mark on my neck from some drunken 26 year old is finally gone. Doing my yard sale on the weekend, in my Spurs jersey, unshaven with a "yellowish bruised area" on my neck, it must have looked like I fit into the hood. Charming.

I got the deal of the decade yesterday on 2 DVD boxed sets. I got season 2 of KNIGHT RIDER with David Hasselhoff, and 1/2 of Season 3 of LOST IN SPACE for the low low price of $10, brand new, each boxed set! With my upcoming trip and spending some train time, it might be nice to take my personal DVD player and catch up on some tv, and the Hoff is worth $10.

Speaking of the trip, I'm still not packed or planned really as much as I should be. It's been busy trying to iron out the rest of the booking for HUNKA JUNK 4, along with dealing with truckloads of stuff here.

And yesterday while taking the bus into work, I thought the weirdest thing... "Wow, I haven't been on TV for a week!" (that's pretty funny). But alas, STYLE BY JURY calls up and asks me to be part of the panel (this time the nicer "after makeover" panel). Their compensation to appear is money well needed for the upcoming trip. Funny.


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