Monday, July 24, 2006

Do the Ipod Shuffle!

The weekend is done! And it flew by and I got about 20% of what I wanted accomplished.

Friday I ran to my PO Box hoping my papers were in for my Home Stay in Russia. In case you didn't know, you have to apply for a visa in order to enter Russia, and it's actually quite annoying paperwork. It wasn't there. Walking up Yonge Street looking at a mix of wife beater tops, horror movie DVDs, and ballcaps, my neighbour calls to see if we were going to watch her home movies (which we did while the Police came around to deal with a reported break in). The 8mm projector was on stand by while it seemed the cop was making a move on the neighbour (which will remain anonymous).

While the rain sprinkled down on Saturday morning, I thought my friend who well call "M" would be around on time. It would have been great to leave for my folks BBQ and picnic at 9.... He got to my place at 3. With my folks packing up their days festivities, we go to the sketchy DIXIE VALUE FLEA MARKET. You can get a Choclair CD for $2! Back home to another meeting where "M" calls at 12:45 at night. Duh, I happened to be sleeping.... like him that morning we were suppose to bounce to the Canadian shield.

Zack rings me up on Sunday morning. I'm to do my 3rd appearance on the TV show "Style By Jury". Greg calls after I get out of the shower to tell me that he's ready as well (along with Zack) to appear on the Number #1 show for the W network. I rattle on with the other people that are there, with two women involved within the cosmetics industry.

As far as how the production went down, I'm not really saying anything, but I'll use Zack's quote after we left to go out in the lobby.... (to me), "Dion.... Kinder Egg? You're just dirty. DIRTY!!!"

Off from there where I went downtown to look for an IPOD SHUFFLE with the money received for commenting on the ladies. No such luck. But can the day end quietly? Nope, how about a meeting regarding a music video, coffee later on that evening with a friend here from Japan, and to talk to my pal Stephe at 89.5 CIUT to see talk to him between his radio gig but he's much too busy. No worries as I get to talk to some ROYAL CINEMA alumni as we talk "the good old days".

By 12 AM, I return home. Still without an Ipod shuffle.

...and how was your weekend?


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