Tuesday, July 18, 2006

VIDCLIPE OF THE WEEK - Praf In Ochi "Peste Sufletul Meu"

Whoa! Another day in a row! Well, actually I finally got some sleep last night. For days, I've been running on 4 hours sleep and last night I finally got some. But there's something weird I have the ability to do now at my tender age.... sleep on the TTC. As long as I have something to rest my head on, I can nod-off half way through my ride. It's kind of a creepy thought in a way, but you gotta catch the "z's" when you can.

I'm still planning my European trip but got a "knock" in my bank account from the fine a-holes at BELL. Considering I don't even use my home phone anymore, I'm not sure exactly how the rates have got so high. Anyhow, I'm still trying to iron our details of my trip now that I'm not loaded down with a million commitments. It looks like the secured screening is in Tampere on the 18th. Not only will it be fun to expose the fine folks of Tampere my "odd" film collection, but Hannele and I can sit in the "Granny Cafe" and talk about life and relax.

So, I promised you a taste of a fav group of mine or video from around the world. I reviewed PRAF IN OCHI from Romania in an issue of KONFLIKT IN THE KINO and I still think that it's one of the best albums that I got for 2004/2005. "Peste Sufletu Meu" kind of means "In My Soul" or something to that effect. At first I didn't like the video, but the last 30 seconds are visually stunning. Anyhow, hope you enjoy one of my fav Romanian bands.... PRAF IN OCHI!

PS: This cut of the track is different than the one that made their album, and I've done the call out. I'll either put out or pay up for their complete MTV ROMANIA concert.


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