Tuesday, July 25, 2006

VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - Blero - "Pa Pritur"


At my PO Box sits my papers for my papers to visit Russia! Igor's visit to the Ovir office seemed much quicker than me actually being able to pick up the bloody papers! Even being sent from Finland! The cool thing however is that there is an Consulate office here in Toronto for the Russian Federation, which is much better than me sending my Visa to Montreal (which was the case years ago).

This week the trip is sinking in. Paska, I haven't packed at all, but made a nod in the right direction having picked up a better toothpaste than the one I had at home.

ANY-HOOOO, Here's my video pick for the week. BLERO from what I know (and heard) is an Albanian born artist living in Sweden. One friend in Kosovo called him the "Alba R&B King", which I'm not too keen on. This track is more solid pop than his album that came out a year or so ago (which sold out from North American distributors in no-time).

This performance is from the "Top 3 Fest" in Albania which had some great talent. It's not the best quality, but the song has played in my head for the week, therefore.....

Enjoy BLERO and "Pa Pritur", Circa March 2006!


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