Wednesday, August 02, 2006

DAY 2 & VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - Vigon 'Harlem Shuffle'

I didn't get to post yesterday only because I was tied up with so many things. After having a good sleep of a night of drinking long drink (see previous post), sauna and playing pool with Daniel and Milana, in the afternoon I was off to Helsinki. Right now I've been staying at Daniel's place in Porvoo, which is just outside Helsinki. I met up with Virpi and Emma, friends I met in Canada who worked for the Finnish paper, Vapaa Sana. Then it was off to visit 'Otto' (the bank machine) to get money to shop at my fav store in Suomi, ANTTILA! Picked up some CDs by AIKA KONE and EGOTRIPPI, which made my friends groan and one go 'Luckily you are taking some of this bad music out of Finland'´. Not true! :))))

We had an awesome dinner at this restaurant in Kallio. Our waiter was right out of Aki Kärismaki flick. Pekka finally came, a pal of mine I met on my 2nd trip to Finland. Then my small posse hit another bar where I got into the Finnish cider. I got drunk enough I had to crash the night in Helsinki, and come back this morning. I was pretty proud as well to find my way from Emma's flat to the bus terminal and back to Porvoo without any help whatsoever! Also while drinking the night before, we crashed a grilli (snack bar) where I was able to say 'French Fries' in Finnish perfectly. There's a weird way to say Finnish R's compared to English and it's actually pretty tricky. But for awhile I could say it and like a little kid, kept saying 'French Fries' over and over again.

Onto my vid pic for the week. Here's an old French Scopitone for France's original R&B king, VIGON. Scopitones were one of the earliest (or early jukeboxes) from France and this performance from the mid 60's of Vigon is great doing the classic 'Harlem Shuffle' (the best version yet). Who knew a Moroccan/French performer could kick so much bootay?

The single for this song (with picture sleeve) sells for close to $40 USD on Ebay, but well well worth it.



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