Sunday, August 06, 2006

Elagu Eesti! (Day 4,5,6) = 1 Day, 2 Countries...

Photos: Helsinki Kamppi, Saturday @ 3:30 am / Sign in Tallinn, Estonia / Pekka having a strange conversation with a Finn outside a patio in Tallinn.

Daniel and Milana left for Turku on Friday while I met up with Pekka, Kirsi ja lapset in the cool area where he lives in Helsinki We sat outside and had a great dinner with his kids. It's funny that I can understand Finn children a little easier than others, but I have picked up tons since being here. His oldest daughter kept doing this goofy "Italian impression" while we were eating Indian food. Pretty funny! I had to call it an early night as I had to go back to Porvoo, then go back to Helsinki the next morning for Tallinn.

I've mastered the bus system quite nicely as I got back to the bus terminal in time to meet up with Pekka for the speed boat to Estonia. Man, that country has changed since I was last there 6 years ago. They are errecting skyscrapers, and when not in the old town, it looks like your average big city. Emma showed me how to get to Kaubamaja, where I picked up some new Eesti hip-hop cds. Every hip hop CD I heard, I bought! Then it was off for some more drinks. The photo of Pekka was one I snapped of this blotto Finn wearing some obscure hockey jersey. Dude was loaded, and kept saying "It's magic" as often as I use the word "like". Then it was off to DEPECHE MODE bar. Any guesses to what they were playing. My batteries died on my camera, but I broke my curse with cameras and Estonia by RUNNING to the local supermarket for some Duracell. In the evening, we ate at this nice restaurant which name I can't translate into English... But I happily enjoyed Georgian chicken and Armenian Chicken Soup, while drinking wine from Georgia as well. Virpi, her Dad and brother sailed to Estonia for the day and we all shared fun stories at the table (in joke.... blah...blah..blah).

More cideri on the way back to Finland. They ran out and I had to go to drinking "long drink gin". Tiina ended up chatting with some boozer old geezers making the mack on her shortly after I stripped off my top for a digital pic (not included). Clearing customs, you would almost call this a day, but we met up for some more pints, and I got on the 4 AM bus back to Porvoo. Ohhhh, some boozers on there! And tons of people yammering on the phone. Does this country ever sleep?

Today has been nice and quiet. After some kahvi ja watching some Estonian music Video DVD, I grabbed some Hesburger and some stuff from German market LITL for dinner. Perkele, I missed ANKKAROCK, but only heard from someone mid day asking if I was going. No worries, as I did a North American BBQ for Daniel and Milana, plus convinced Virpi and her bro to stay (Virpi grabbed some pics of me for her article for one of Finland's bigger paper, AMULETTI (My spelling!). They were fun, including me holding film reels and looking like hip hop white trash in a sauna. As the sun set, we called it a day.

And speaking of that time for bed. Off to Russia tomorrow. Say a prayer as we cross Russian customs! Kippis.... sinä!


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