Friday, August 04, 2006

Gettin Silli wit it (Day 3,4)

Ohhhh, yesterday I had problems sleeping (and last night). On Wednesday after getting back from Helsinki by myself taking public transit back to Porvoo, I chilled out here in the afternoon. That evening however after sauna and Milana making an awesome meatball dinner, we got into the Argentinian wine. Bottles upon bottles till Daniel and I actually saw the sun come up (it starts to come up at 3am, but we saw it up pretty much completely by the time we got to bed). His remedy the next day for me was to have some more cider. My remedy was to come back into town to grab HESBURGER, my junk food of choice in Suomi. While there, the phone rings and I was asked to do an interview when I get back from Russia for NYT, a magazine publication which is featured in HELSINGIN SANOMAT, the most read newspaper in Finland. Later on Pekka says that he had been contacted as well and asked questions about me being on his radio show (which will be broadcast on the 20th). It's all cool, but for the first time in a long, long time, I'm relaxing. Lots. Emma said something in Helsinki that had stuck with me. She said this was the most relaxed she had seen me ever. Plus, in Toronto I am so overloaded with projects I look like, well, never fully relaxed. Its pretty much true.

Last night we dined outside on Daniel and Milana's balcony eating SILLI. I think it's short for Sillampa, which is herring, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and a dill sauce. It's actually pretty good!

Tomorrow, I'm spending the day in Tallinn, Estonia. Pekka is going, plus Emma, Ville, and Tiina. It should be a fun day as we take over the Linja Line fast boat, which feels like a wide boat with plane seats that goes very fast. You can hear the booze bottles rattling in the duty free. Maybe its a hidden message to me saying 'drink me'!

Funny side note. Daniel and I are drinking cider and coffee (I'm doing coffee) on a shipped parked in the port of Porvoo. He's trying to encourange me to drink more booze again. I say that nobody in Finland wants me to sleep as they have kept me up to exotic hours day and night. He turns to me and says with his Turku accent, "Dion, did you come to Finland to sleep?"

Kiitos Danu!

(Photo: My secret location. Come over and we'll have some cider!)


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