Wednesday, August 16, 2006

VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - Отпетые мошенники - DAY 17 - FINLAND

There was a wee bit of rest this morning when I got to drink 2 pots of coffee and watch momentarily some Estonian music videos on my portable dvd player, but then there was work to do. Preparing some DVD's for my screening in Tampere, Finland on Friday... this was work that had to be done before going. Milana came home from school, and I ran to the shower. I had an interview with a reporter later on that evening, so I couldn't be seen looking like some tourist who came off the bus of stink. But no worries as I shaved with Turkish shaving gel from Russia, then I flew out the door to get the bus from Porvoo to Helsinki.

Before that I grabbed some cider with my friend Mikko who programs films for the TV Network here called Nelonen. We went to an older cinema which is now owned by the city of Helsinki, which also has a very cool rooftop patio that overlooks keskusta Helsinki, and a view of the Opera and Train station. My mobile goes off and I have to run for the other interview.

The journalist was really cool as we grabbed some Finn-made ice cream. Then, it was off to Anttila where she snapped photos for her article of me looking at CD's. At first, it needed to be cleared with the Anttila people, but after it did she clicked away with me hovering over bins of Finn delete bin discs. Meanwhile, my freind Pentti waited and some other people just stared while trying to do their shopping. Interesting!

Tomorrow it's off to Tampere. Hannele called me today and I look forward to seeing her and my other friends there as well. In regards to the articles and media interest of me here she said something funny... "Now I have to share you with the rest of Finland". Hannele baby, I'll always be for you! ,)

But finally here's a new video by one of my fav Russian bands, Отпетые мошенники. I picked up their discs the first time in Russia, and their album from last year still doesn't disappoint. Think a Russian version of Raptori, mixed with the Beastie Boys, and lots of fun. I love the kid with the mohawk bustin some moves in the boxing ring. Отпетые мошенники, you still rock in my books. And I think I got Igor liking their slow jams! So here's a video by Отпетые мошенники!!!!!


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