Monday, September 12, 2005

Goodbye for 2005, my personal Cinema Paradisio :(

Last night I did the final screening at my outdoor kino. Well, for the season.

In the parking lot of where I live (a 100+ year old felt factory), we hooked up a screen an amp and did outdoor screenings on Sundays (for the most part) during the summer. Back in 1996, I use to do it in the back court which was then a fair amount of vacant buildings, a gravel parking lot, but lots of fun. And finally after almost talking about it for years, we started doing it again.

Our first screening was kind of VERY impromptu after hearing from my neighbour that she was game for a screening. So, in late July or early August, very impromptu, I dug out my $10 super 8 print of "Appointment In Honduras" with Glenn Ford and Anne Sheridan. Oddly enough, we had lots of curious neighbours that came out to enjoy the "off the cuff" movie theatre.

Well, close to 5 features later (almost every weekend since we first started), it's done! It was kind of cool that I was able to invite friends over (and egging them to bring a lawnchair) plus basically say "Bring whoever you would like" while watching films under the stars. We actually had a pretty interesting mix of people from the bulding, from my normal Conflict Archives mailing list, and visitors from outside of Canada in town for real film fests like TIFF.

Regardless, last night was boomin as we watched a CREEPY Canadian hospital-dude slasher movie and ended our season as it began, with technical problems (the print had reels wound on the wrong way). But in the end, it had everyone jumping which was fun.

I'll post some pics here shortly once I get in some digital scans, but yeah. Good times! Thanks Zack, Mihai, Kat, and company for help in setting up OUR odd outdoor cinema.

The crappy thing is not being able to do screenings on Sunday (and to any of those that showed up, I FINALLY ran out of what I was using to make the Bacon and Tomato dip!), but more that it's the signal that colder weather is coming. As my pal Igor in Russia would say, "What a crap!"


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