Friday, September 01, 2006

Life NOW with the Ipod Shuffle

I'm trying to adjust to my "normal" life back here in Toronto and last weekend wasn't TOO terribly normal as I did another appearance on STYLE BY JURY. Poor girl. Decked out in leather with her collar up and a leather skirt so short you could almost see her pootie, I told viewers that "Her wardrobe was inspired by a Lazy-Boy recliner and if she was a woman of the night, her name would be naugahide delight" which made the staff laugh.

From my apprance however, I've used the money to get something I was trying to get before going to Finland.... An Ipod Shuffle! And I got to tell you, they frickin rock! Usually technology in this sense isn't really my thing, but indeed they do rock. You look at the little f'er and go "How does it have such awesome sound AND be so small?" Mine is loaded up with just tracks and stuff from CD's that I picked up while on vacation, and indeed it's a motley mix. From a somewhat obscure band like Russia's "Total" to Estonia's "Rappar-A", it's a good backdrop for taking transit in Toronto. A great Craigslist item!

Otherwise, it's the long weekend here in Canada, so that means hopefully the CNE. But they say it's suppose to rain. That will be good for me to FINALLY tackle some of my laundry along with curl up and watch some bad DVD's. Y'know, I have a couple!

I'll get the VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK for tomorrow, and hopefully some more pics from my trip. But in the meantime, C'ya!


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