Friday, January 20, 2006

NO WAY, NO WAY, NO WAY IN HELL (great track by Bomfunk MC's!)

(above: Emma vs Canadian Institution, Zellers!)

Bah! Bomfunk MC's "No Way in Hell" is playing over and over in my head and many elements of these Finn rappers could be applied to this week.

It started off well enough as Emma and I ended up going my fav ghetto flea market in my hood. And indeed it is. From the sales of some stuff which looks like it has been salvaged from a recycling bin. But it's still fun as Emma picked up some things. When you enter the flea pit, there's signs saying "No Hoodies!" (actually you can't wear them up while you're there due to gang activities".

Also on the docket was making sure that a property I developed wasn't copied by a former friend/business associate, but alas they made their own train wreck, unworthy of any more mention here. Blah blah!

Anne was on the bus. She's a friend I've known forever who works for the "National News Broadcast" (or network) that I use to. She told me she has felt "A migrane coming on for a week, due to Stephen Harper taking office" here in Canada (outside of Canada, you can read more about this "leader" on various news services) and I can't blame her.

Plus there's been deadlines. Oh, so many deadlines. I need to get 2 articles done and have meetings. But tonight, I might be forcing a friend to go see "Karla". More details on that later.

The weather has been awesome here! Today's high was +11C! And that's why I'll leave now. To enjoy it!


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