Monday, October 03, 2005

October/Summer-Not a Bummer!

Whoa, this weekend was SO nice here! Today alone is 27C! There's an Indian summer going on, which I don't mind one bit!

On Saturday evening, I walked along College Street (the Little Italy area of Toronto) and had myself question if there was part of it blocked off for a street festival or something. There was THRONGS and THRONGS of people out, drinking on patios, throwing up asian noodle dishes in back alleys, etc.... But it was 1 AM when I actually arrived in that area and started walking home! Past Dufferin close to 2, there were some people doing the Macarena and some dodgy Brazillian "sports club" (you find these Ethnically defined "sports clubs" sometimes in the West End and some like the Turkish are "Members Only").

The weekend however was pretty typical for a weekend... Saw 2 documentaries (STEVIE and the seldom seen LEGACY (PBS 2002). Met up with my friend Dmitri who does the "Boogie Nights Again" out in Vancouver (film screenings), plus also did a tour through an abandon Police Station here in Toronto. It's very cool and my friend said, "If you want to shoot something here, as long as you don't f--k up the ceilings, it's OK". There's several floors and it's very cool, so I'm thinking what I could do on a Fred Olen-Ray type budget.

Speaking of film stuff, I'm still hammering away on my short and am now doing the delicate art of casting. An agency gave me a website filled with tons of head and body shots asking me to look through and see if there was anything interesting to me. It's feels really weird however doing it, as it almost feels like "Ebay of People". But anyhow, it's good all the same.

But as October begins, the month doesn't seem to be entering into the bleakness of winter. It's bright, shiny and nice outside. Who can complain?


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