Thursday, January 12, 2006

Voting in Canada

In less than 2 weeks, Canadians get to go to the poles and make their vote on who would make the next Prime Minister of Canada.

The current PM, Paul Martin is having his numbers sliding. Perhaps the fact that the Liberal party, which was once held in high regard has now gotten much bad press over many scandals involving payolas and the like. Which has the Progressive Conservative candidate, Stephen Harper in the lead.

Loved by the mid-west, Harper running Canada gives me hebee-geebees WORSE than Mulroney did! With really no stance on gun control or violence, and a plan of ridding the GST so it would end up that goods and services end up costing more, and just for being about as worldly as a visit to Gooderham, he's unfit to do the job, let alone represent Canada.

Jack Layton (NDP) is good for Torontonians, but who knows really how good he would be to lead the country. In his television debates he always says, "Remember, there's always a third choice". Why can't he speak as a leader with strength?

The Green party have some good ideas as well, but their leader is a somewhat weak speaker. It's disgusting that they were not invited to any televised debates when they do have a candidate running in EVERY riding.

I'm really not that impressed with ANY of the parties. But the one think I do know is that I don't want Harper running the country with his neo-conservative views. Really Canada is lacking in someone to create unity or show any real leadership.

Of course I'm going to vote. Considering I've been to places where democracy can be really iffy, or they've been former communist countries, I'm proud we're given the right to express who we feel can steer the boat the best. But for this election here, I'm undetermined as to being unthrilled with all the candidates.



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