Thursday, March 02, 2006

A funeral and a clothes line?

It's been a weird last couple of days here.

My uncle passed away suddenly and our families had to deal with the various things that go into a funeral and the death of a loved one. One thing these instances do is teach us not to take those around us for granted, and also to value the time and life we have to spend on this planet. There's also other "life lessons" which I'll spare you with here....

Coming back from Pickering, the sun was shining and I thought the wind would be rougher than in the Tdot, but it was a nice winter day (and not an oxymoron at that). Once enterting the city however, it was BITTER cold. The wind ripped through me on the way to the post office.

So, the first half of my day was dealing with a funeral. Mirva calls in regards to the 2nd...

"Are you coming to see CLEANING WOMAN?" which was in town for Canadian Music week. After she called back to let me know what time and where, back on the TTC I was while answering calls from the guys regarding the music video.

CLEANING WOMAN are a group from Helsinki, Finland who play various washing appratus. Last night they happened to also play the score with these "cleaning products" to the silent Eisenstein classic, "Battleship Potempkin". At times, it was pretty good.... I've had bootleg copies of their stuff before (not from Russia), so I kind of knew what to expect and surely it's one of the more interesting music acts part of "Canadian Music Week" (sticking middle finger in mouth).

Potempkin is one of my favs and even with this depressing movie, it cheered me up from a sombre day. Mirva and I had taken the transit up to station where she discussed various guys asses at the club, then went to McDonalds where I stole the fries from her value meal.

Then I came home and crashed.


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