Saturday, April 15, 2006

Canada's MUCH VJ Search - Tim Deegan wins - Keep Searching!

I got sucked into the MUCH VJ search like the handfull of other Canadians watching it. I felt bad for Kardinal Official and Steve Anthony for getting sucked into it all, but prayed to the gods of "Canadian Reality Television" that they were fed good craft services.

Compared to other industry people, I was really nice regarding what was being said. One old time CITY personality I've known for years bitched about the production values to me, saying the whole thing was "unwatchable". A musician friend who watched it at my place commented on how the people seemed annoying. They both were right.

Here's how it went. Most of the cast bitched on one another, but the first to really get the brunt of it was Montreal's "Frank" who boozed it up at many opportunities. Well, geez, throw me in a penthouse with a bunch of whiny VJ hopefulls and I'd be doing that and hittin the roof looking for barrel swish! After he got the axe, contestants started aiming their pistols at the bland-West-Coaster, Erik. Everyone talked about how "phony" he was and his lack of knowledge of music. The final episodes had Erik, hopelessly dull Nicky (from the mid-west), a screechy voiced homosexual named Shawn, and "wild card" Tim Deegan who might not have been the smartest cookie from the jar, but he sure had white teeth and abs to wash Erik's boozed out barf clean up rags with!

Canada gets to vote which of the 4 finalists will make the next VJ. Ohhhhh boie. Considering Canada had problems electing a decent prime minister with the last election, asking the Canadian public to pick a DJ might not be such a swell idea. The winning vote gets scooped by Tim who claims he knows tons about music (but gets beat by Shawn in a trivia challenge the previous episode), as he shines his pearly whites and stammers on a speech that makes NO sense.

As you can tell, perhaps it wasn't the contestant that I wanted to win. But who would I choose if I was the one to pick one of the VJ finalists to be on air. The contestant that could garner interest in me watching videos on the station and who could actually ask more than cookie-cutter typical questions? Who would I choose, or as the theme song would blare each week, "What would you do?"

ANSWER: Scrap them all. Ask them "If you had any iota of interest in doing this, what have you done to get to where you're at now?" then ask them if they wouldn't feel ashamed of how people viewed them on the show (generally being caddy and whining about other contestants to the point they sounded like Nanny 911 should come in and take a car ariel and give them a good whippin). Could any Canadian artist look at what they did on the show and really take them, in any way shape or form, seriously? Plus, they all seeemed so hopelessly DULL. Like the kind of dead fishes that would be at your Cousin's Tupperware party. Pleasant enough to talk with while looking at lettuce crispers or digging into whole wheat biscuits and hummus while your cousin cusses' out one of her children, but that's it!

Perhaps it's just sad that dullness now is rewarded as either a "journalistic sense", "television entertainment" or "knowledge".

The interesting thing about Canadians when they vote on anything is that they seem to love bringing back down who or what they vote for, so Tim from my hometown of Oshawa, prove me wrong. It's sink or swim time and you have a whole generation of kids that now can program their own video shows via ipods and the internet. You got your work cut out for you...

..and flashing a smile and abs will only work for SO long.


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