Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Great Easter Egg Ribs

It's interesting how the Holiday of Easter is perceived by North Americans. Honestly, I can saw with my family it was never having anything to do with any form of religion. Passover meant "pass over the platter of food" or "Could you stuff any more peanut butter into a chocolate shell of an egg" (Sorry folks for the bad "yoke";)

My childhood versions and visions of Easter are filled with odd vibes for sure. We would spend it with family friends of ours on a place called Crystal Lake (yes, just like the FRIDAY THE 13th movies). We would have Easter Egg hunts until I outgrew it. One year I remember my parents got me a Eurthmics album (Spelling). I loathe solid chocolate bunnies.

This year has been especially odd because of strange internal dealings. Plus, I guess I'm just exhausted and fed up in many ways. An army of my friends are in the same boat just dealing with people that are clueless that are preventing them to achieve their dreams. But I digress.

So anyhow, this was an Easter where I exploded over something stupid, which I hate. Now Easter has this really weirdo feel to it.

If this provides little insight and answers, well, that's the way it goes. But in the meantime after a bit of the rift was sorted out, my folks and I had an amazing dinner with some BBQ dinner. If you're wondering what happened to the Easter Bunny, (see photo attached).

But the nicer weather is coming and hopefully a trip on the horizon. Hey, I can't complain too much, I did get a copy of the film Madonna doesn't want anyone to see (A Certain Sacrifice) and made Hannele a copy of a Stranglers CD I got at the CNE, and drove along backroads in the Canadian shield listening to APULANTA's "Kylla" cd!


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