Monday, July 31, 2006

Tervetuluo Suomi! (day 1)

Oh, what a long day it's been. Bear with me till I get use to this Finnish keyboard!

After locking myself out momentarily, and doing shots of Whiskey in Terminal 3, I was on my way to Helsinki. While in the duty free, I ran into two Finns I knew. One was an actress named Märrit and the other one was a glass blower I met at the Finnish indepedence day celebrations named Mirvi. It is a small world.

My friend Daniel came to pick me up at the airport which was nice. He gave me a long drink (booze with Gin) en route to Porvoo, Finland. Oh yeah, the flight was OK except Finnair served some kind of Ginger Chicken that looked like kitty cat.

After a nap, Daniel and I grabbed a sauna which was great. It was a little wet, but dry heat as well. Afterwards, we sat with our beers out in the middle of a field, just wearing bathrobes. Then we did grillaus (bbq) that his wife Milana made which was awesome. For the evening, we drank booze and played pool on their huge pool table which came from Sweden. Now, this is the life!

No pictures to show you today, but I'm sure you can imagine.

Time to go. It's been a long day. Jetlag is a weird thing however.


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