Saturday, July 29, 2006


Getting ready for this trip today started out kind of quiet. Me sippin coffee at my place watching CBC NEWSWORLD (Honestly, I watch it all the time).

Then Cat and I did a b-line towards St. Lawrence Market. We also did an "all you can eat" breakfast at Golden Griddle (the shittier version of DENNY'S for Canada, mod interesting to see trannies at the College Street location at 3am!), then did a quick run to grab some kebabs. Then I continued running.

I got trip stuff together blah blah blah. But something almost happened today that made me cry.

I went to the HOUSE OF LORDS to get my haircut. As I told the dude (a French guy with cool hair), "Make me look like I just served time in Iraq with American Troops". That he did, but he accidently shaved off my chin strap! (that gotee that runs along my jaw line). This is the first time without one in 5 years.

Going on the bus along St Clair, I would see various guys with it. I felt empty. So, it looks like there will be awhile with NO pics in Finland, or no shaving (more of the latter).

If he wasn't such a nice guy, I would have had him fired.

Anyhow, tomorrow it's off to Finland. Now I'm starting to feel prepared for it. There's still tons of work to do, but when you're on the plane, you can only drink Vodka (I'm taking FINNAIR).