Saturday, October 21, 2006

My letter to Lenor & VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - 4-CATS "Al Zaman"

Photo: Igor and the 2nd love of his life, Lenor. Is she a witch, or wonderful?

Going through my camera, I found this great photo of my pal Igor in Russia that I snapped of him with Lenor. Who the f--k is Lenor you ask? Well, if you see the bottle of fabric softener he's holding there's some kid with overtly crimpled up hair. That's who we think is Lenor, or came to this conclusion after drinking (for me it was cider, and we did some kind of dark booze). The more we drank we wondered if any lonely Russian might write Lenor a letter or something, along the lines of "Dear Lenor: You look so happy on the bottle behind the clouds. I'm addicted to pills and broke. Can you help me?" All the time we kept making up these "Dear Lenor" letters. Some were sinister. They always make us laugh. I shared the Lenor story to my pal Zack who just said, "OMG D, that's just WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD!" Indeed. Especially because it's worth of a blog entry!

Anyhow, since I haven't written for awhile, I thought it was time to send Lenor a letter, and I'm not even on the sauce! Anyhow, here it is....

Dear Lenor:
How are you? Are you helping Russians make their clothes smell all nice? Keep smiling while they do their wash, and especially look out over Igor at Kate.
Life is pretty dull here in Canada. I miss Finland and Russia, but could smell your cloudy touch on my Celtics jersey when I opened up my suitcase on my return. But anyhow, yeah, just busy with some projects here and dealing with the whole weather change thing.
Have you been doing much besides laundry? If you ever want to come to Canada, maybe you would want to be in one of my films or music vids? Hopefully soon I'll be able to get a project done and find an artist that is indeed dilligent.
Anyhow Lenor..... Keep the cider cold for me and look after my friends. You are an angel obviously because on the bottle, there's clouds behind you. Russians should put you on a ruble coin!


PS: Before I go away, I will also leave you my VIDEOCLIPE of the week (long overdue) and an old Arabic favorite by the 4-CATS, "Al Zaman". The song is old (almost 10 years!), but the video does have an interesting quality to it, and it has an upscale sound. I wish they would do a concert here. Anyhow, enjoy!


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