Friday, January 05, 2007

2007, songworm and the VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - Aurora's "Lele Kaquele"

So, Bill Riley might think this "global warming" business is

Here in Toronto today, our high is +13C! I'm dealing with more flu like symptoms because I think my body can't figure out what time of the year it is! We've had no snow, and it's just kind of creepy.

New Years was very spontaneous and weird! Johnny Rourke and I were going to shoot pool, but then Mirva called and we got to have some drinks at Joe Mercury's. While they had NO MENU after 11, we ended up hitting Whalen's pub just before midnight. Indeed the small place (smaller than my flat), was crammed with a motley bunch and it had taken awhile for me to get some cider as the barmaid was busy doing whiskey shots with customers. No worries, as I had cider in my hand in time to toast in the new year. After that, we did a quick b-line to 7-11 where my boozer appetite came in. I had a croissant, Mirva had ice cream.... within the hour the poor girl was robbed at gunpoint by "two unidentified black males" a cop later told us outside of another pub (the third of the evening).

There, a girl named "Steff" went over to a homely guy, poured tequila on his pierced nipple, and sucked it off. She hit this "last stop" pub on her way to PIZZA PIZZA with her friends (she later confided to us outside).

This is how I launched 2007. I guess it wasn't THAT bad.

SONGWORM is what they call a song that plays over and over in your head. Here's what's played in mine for days.... Albanian boy-band AURORA! It might be one of their better tracks they have recorded, and I have a better quality clip from an awards show. Regardless, enjoy this VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK.



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