Tuesday, October 31, 2006


(Picture: My latest acquisition)

After returning from Finland, I spoke with another film collector regarding some film title that I was vaguely interested in. My e-mail was met with an inquisitive "Oh, there you are! I have some film you might be interested in". Long story short, I ended up with about 375 film reels in 16mm and if you're wondering what that might look like, here it is! My friend Greg helped me move them from the "sketchy" Jane and 401 area. Orginally I saw the collection at night but during the day, it looked like it would never end. Anyhow, I've come across some interesting stuff, but most i'll be getting rid of, some throwing out. Within a 3 second glance, I know to keep something or not. May the gods of bargain basement film shine their light on Greg who looked like he was going to throttle me with all these bloody reels of film, but chose not to bang one over my head like a disgruntle projectionist in Abu Ghraib!

On another note, it's got VERY dark here in Toronto due to the clock turning back. It's VERY dark here by about 5pm. Splendid.

I'll keep it short for now but also show you another video by sexy-Alba-doughnut, Nora Istrefi! I've played the track off of the long out of print "Hip Hop N R&B" comp on Chillout long ago. She's from Kosovo. Anyhow, nice performance and VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK. Enjoy!


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