Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When the Brian Collapses / Welcome to!

Wow! It's been so long since I've posted anything! The weeks pass by and we get caught up in our lives and on top of it, I've just been busy with getting ready for some things. After looking at Jully Black's awesome blog, I was saying to myself "Damn, I gotta blog more!"

First off, wow! Finally after so much coaxing, I finally bought! So, hooray! Eventually I hope to have it as a site that would have links to some other things, some pics and other things (such as my blog). is looooong overdue however.

Otherwise, FACEBOOK has also been other ways of communicating with friends. It's kind of creepy in a weird way with people knowing my real last name, but them the brakes. I've had lots of people from my past contacting me about "What's this Dion Conflict thing" and "What's this Finland thing" which is always kind of interesting when you have to update someone about the last decade or decade and a half!

The big news is that I'm booked for Finland again and also will be having the world premier there of HUNKA JUNK 5. That's pretty damn exciting! I look forward to seeing all my friends back there as well, and it will be nice to reshare my film collection with audiences. Also, I'm working on the new issue of KONFLIKT IN THE KINO (can you believe the 17th?) which is cool too.

Lenor would be proud of all the day trips I've got to do and really enjoying the summer.

Certain elements of my life have seemed to go on auto pilot, but now things are slowly changing back into more fufilling activities. In so many ways I'm ready to turn over new rocks and begin new journeys. I think I'm always ready for a new challenge and now, more so than ever.

A funny thing happened today. It was a horrible day at work with the typical kind of sibling bickering between me and some of my younger co-workers when out of the blue the phone rings, "Is this Dion who was on STYLE BY JURY saying such and such a woman looked like a hoochie Mama in a lazy boy?... We love you! We need you back on the show!"


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