Tuesday, August 19, 2008


(Photo Courtesy: Aleksi Moisio)


Good things come in threes, and so I'm very excited to
be returning to Finland and also having the WORLD PREMIERE there of HUNKA JUNK 6 and touring the country with 4 different cities, and over 5 screenings of the latest installment of the HUNKA JUNK series.

HUNKA JUNK 6 brings again some of the oddest 16mm celluloid saved from the finer garbage dumpsters of UHF TV stations and defunct film labs. With it's "no format", there's over 20 different films showcasing lost commercials (including defunct airlines, obscure 70's toys, and the latest in flashbulb camera technology), strange educational films (learn how to use soap with subtitles for the deaf! See how your schools "lost and found" works!), thrifty animation (including bad stop motion pipe cleaner and macrame bead ants and talking vehicles!), movie spots, and more strange fun!

This installment also has a focus on "info-tainment", the pre info-mercial designed as "entertainment, but mere ad-filler" running longer than the average commercial with 3 different ones showcased. Learn about a new product called "spray paint" or see a bad "travel doc"/fashion show with the most horrendous sweater collection on the planet.

It's all ends with one MO-FO of a Arabic film that's more drug trip, than kiddie film. Considered lost, until now!

All the screenings in Finland will including myself (Dion Conflict) doing the intros and giving away prizes worth "bizillions of Euros"! Don't miss the fun!

HUNKA JUNK 6 will be playing in 4 different cities at press time (Tampere, Helsinki, Jyväskylä and new to the tour this year, Lahti). Be sure to check this website for other new information, and please check the theatre's website for even more information. These are the playdates:

Festivaalikiertue vierailee Suomessa seuraavilla paikkakunnilla:
PE 29.8.2008 TAMPERE, elokuvateatteri Niagara, klo 20.30
LA 30.8.2008 HELSINKI, Kino Engel, klo 21.00
TI 2.9. JYVÄSKYLÄ, Nikolainsali, klo 19.00

PE 5.9. LAHTI, Kino Iiris klo 18.00
LA 6.9. LAHTI, Kino Iiris klo 14.00

To sign up for our mailing list, and for more press support, be sure to drop us a line at eurocoleco@hotmail.com

Look forward to seeing you all! Chill the Golden Cap Ciideri... NYT! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks again for Hunka Junk 6, I had a blast. And I'm so glad I got my own copies of HJ4 and HJ5. I'm watching Night People Day at the moment :D Well, gotta go now, but please come back to Helsinki with more weird paska. Take care!


2:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moi! Thanks for an amazing evening with Hunka Junk 6 in Lahti, I really had a great time!
Please come back again next year! :)

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ihana paska :) And thanks for the Miljoona Pyykki VHS ;)

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moi Dion!

Thanks a bunch for the good times at Kino Iiris last Friday! You had some awesome paska, dood!

I'm looking forward to watching Hunka Junk 4 & 5 when I get together with my college buddies next month. Keep up the good work, and visit Finland and Lahti next year, too.

1:18 PM  

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