Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thanks Youngstown! Thanks Toronto!

(Photo: Inside the venue at Butler North, Youngstown, Ohio)

Wow, I gotta tell you, 2 countries in 2 weeks was indeed an insane feat, getting me ready for the Finnish rollercoaster this summer.

HUNKA JUNK 5 made it's Youngstown, Ohio debut with lots of fanfare. It was great sharing with many of you stories of your own lost film before, during and after the films. Plus I enjoyed the "tips" on getting some mad cheap DVD's in the area. My biggest hats off go to Michelle from Youngstown Film for all her hard work in bringing HJ to the masses in Youngstown. Also, thanks again to the Butler Museum, The Vindicator newspaper and Guy there for his amazing article, Metro Monthly newspaper, The Tribune Chronicle (and Andy Gray), NBC TV 21, NPR, Big Panic, The Review Newspapers, Pop Video Web and WYSU 88.5 FM.

Next stop was Toronto for our "Midweek Mondo Madness" at the Review. Thanks again to all the staff there, and especially Mysterion. If you missed it, Mysterion did an incredible feat with a gallo that had the audience at the edge of their seat. Thanks again M! (and Dave Faris for designing the amzing posters!)

Well folks, I can say that you need to visit here again VERY SHORTLY for the event that I've been dreaming about doing for a loooooooooong time now. It will be the "mecca" of all the film screenings we've ever done in the greater Toronto area. Stay tuned!

Oh yea, I spilled the beans to some Youngstown journalists indeed that I would write about the adventures of my stay, in particular a certain motel. That story will be posted here on the weekend!

For all you new acquaintances to the CONFLICT ARCHIVES, make sure u drop a line to my mailing list. I've had some complaints that it's been impossible to find my addy on here, so here it is. . Drop me a line and be sure to join our e-mail list!

But again, thanks to all the folks who were great in both countries! I had a blast!


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