Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Battling the FLOWER PEOPLE!

I'm slowly trying to keep my eyes open today. And I haven't even taken any allergy pills and have stopped sniffling, a wee bit.

Today I've been trying to find some decent film lab stuff with certain things that i'm looking to do, etc. It's kind of tricky as one lab will do something that another won't. Eventually I'll figure it all out. Maybe you're scratching your head, "Lab?" Gimme awhile and I'll get more into it.

My neighbourhood has gotten really weirdo lately in the morning with flower pushers! Not "hippies" per-se, but guys trying to sell roses (Frickin hate the pepto-pink ones... You'd give this to someone you like?!?!) .

"Why not buy a rose?" said the friendly toothless wonder to me this morning

"I have nobody to give it to!" I told him while jetting across the intersection.

He paused then noticed this simple looking girl who looked like SELINA, minus the makeup and looking stressed on her cell phone, "Give it to her!"

I'm laughing at his hard sell, "I don't know her!" It just is typical of an average weird day in my life. The thing was, in the same corner (a somewhat isolated area of Toronto), there were 3 of these flower people on the same busy, but somewhat desolate area. Who ever hears of anyone having to deal with "flower people" in the West end of Toronto anyhow?

Oh yeah, my Mom sent this pic which made us all laugh here at work.

Are blogs about sharing this useless info that makes us seem utterly boring? Strange! Anyhow, you gotta love that pic of Bush. He is sharing the same hair style my Uncle Fred has. Hmmm.


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