Friday, July 06, 2007

(Photo: King Road Ministries, spreading the gospel to truckers in Grimsby, ON)

Grimsby really does earn it's name. A friend of mine and I recently got stuck there and were going to chill and ready to do a BBQ in the back of a truck stop motel. The courtyard was littered with skunks (I saw 2), a cat, and a wild rabbit. Creepy, and not what I was dying to see when I was wanting to have a late night BBQ. But anyhow, I ended up grilling my cuts of turkey mignons wrapped in bacon in a schoolyard in Grimsby while listening to some smooth R&B. Grimsby doesn't allow "parking" by their public parks after 1 am. Lighten up Grimsby!

Otherwise, it's been a pretty ho-hum week. I'm slowly working on Issue #17 of KONFLIKT IN THE KINO which should be good fun, on top of that, getting ready for HUNKA JUNK 5.

Emma text me and told me that it was "sing Ultra Bra" week in Finland which I blared to work and en route to going to see "1408" (which wasn't that good, but I liked seeing my friend jumpy). Anyhow, Finland was playing in my head and thinking that it wouldn't be too long till I got to be there again and chillin with my friends. Good times!

Anyhow, not much else to say for now. It was a nice night and Mike White has been telling me to update my blog more, so here it is!


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