Friday, June 08, 2012


Shock & Awe returns for it's 6th time presenting grindhouse goodies from the Conflict Archives for an all-night screening of six seldom seen films all from 16mm and 35mm film prints.  Not one, but SIX films in a row!  Patrons will also have a great selection of food beyond the typical popcorn and soda from the snack bar including pizza, fresh fruit, burritos and more!

PLUS it has now moved to the Revue Cinema (400 Roncesvalles Avenue), close to the subway and streetcar lines.

This line-up will be the best yet, with most of the films not seeing the light of day on Toronto movie screens in decades, or impossible to find on any home video formats!  They include:

THE GROOVE TUBE (1973) - Chevy Chase and Richard Belzer (Law and Order: SVU) star in this hilarious bong-busting spoof on television (one of the first!).  

HORROR HOSPITAL (1973) - Michael Gough (Batman) and Robin Askwith (Three Dimensions of Greta) star in the UK cult horror about a burnt out rock star who books a getaway with "Hairy Holidays" who's vacation ends up being a battle with a mad scientist!

WHAT WAITS BELOW (1985) - When a team goes to Central America to find out what's wrong with their short wave radio transmissions, then end up exploring caves and meeting a race of rare albino cave dwellers!

RAPPIN' (1985) - Mario Van Peebles and Ice-T bust the screen in forever rhymez in the first hip hop/breakdance musical.

MYSTERY FILM (????) - A mystery film, guaranteed to delight and thrill!

and the night ends with...

SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983) - Poor Angela can't seem to make friends at summer camp.  It will be their loss... LITERALLY!  The slasher/horror home video classic gets the big screen treatment!

For more information, be sure to join the Facebook groups for both SHOCK AND AWE and the event...

Shock & Awe Fan Page:

Shock & Awe 6 @ Revue Cinema - June 23rd

Tickets are available at the Revue and Fox Cinema box offices, plus Film Buff (Roncesvalles), Eyesore Cinema, and Suspect Video.  Buy ahead and save $5 at the door!

If you have never been to a SHOCK & AWE before, I can't emphasize how fun the event is!  Lots of food, lots of merchandise, and lots of fun!

See you there!


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