Monday, January 09, 2006

GOING THE DISTANCE - with film and food

Yesterday Sandra and I made a venture to the fine Pickering Flea Market. Besides the throngs of trashy urbanites that get me hotter than a bowl of Mr. Noodles with chopped Maple Lodge Wieners, we ate 50 cent samosas. And I bought a DVD (shocking!).

GOING THE DISTANCE was a Canadian road movie about some kids in BC that go on a road trip so one of them can propose to his girlfriend, who's interning with a sleazy record exec (Played by Canadian Jason Priestly). Nick (Christopher Jancot), who's looking to propose to his girlfriend working in Toronto (with a $10 ring) takes his friends Dime and Tyler on the adventure (actually they kidnap him after his parents get him stoned off of "special brownies") and they also pick up 2 hitchikers from Newfoundland. There's some real Canadian moments that actually make me laugh, including being in Montreal broke, and heading to a "all you can eat buffet" at a strip bar plus the crashing of the Much Music Video Awards including someone telling George to "shut up". Even more laughable is SWOLLEN MEMBERS (remember this HORRIBLE "hip-hop" group?) taking a jet to Toronto (RIGHT!).

But the cool thing about the flick is that it doesn't shy away from being Canadian, and instead uses Canada as a set itself instead of a set for bad American films and TV series. Also, compared to other American youth comedies that only go so far, and since Canadians have never gotten out of the 70's "aren't we naughty" stage of cinema it will go where some comedies won't as far as politically incorrect humour.

It was well worth the $7 I paid for my brand new copy of it!

Sandra and I ended the evening with a new game I concocted called "Have you been to" which lead us around all over the place to a restaurant that we hadn't been to. We ended up at a Korean place that just opened where a McDonalds which was always filled with homeless people stands. The dinner was good, but I hate that game. Or playing it in Downtown Toronto anyhow.


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