Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Birthdays, Buffalo and Big Lots

(Photos: Sundown around Niagara on the Lake & An abandon Arby's in West Seneca, NY)

So, this past weekend was my birthday. And it was pretty hectic for the most part, but good fun. Saturday Greg from Eclectic Screening Room and I went on a border run. No, I don't mean TACO BELL.. But instead we went across the American border to Buffalo to indulge in much urban nostalgia.

It started off with a lunch at Ponderosa where I ate pretty much everything... Meatballs, whipped potatoes, chicken breast, friend chicken, baked potatoes, all you can eat salad bar... Should I go on? From there we rolled place to place picking up just weirdo stuff. Got some great odd 7"s at a GOODWILL with songs like the "Watergate Shuffle" and "Honey, will you be my Chauffeur?".... all white label DJ promos. After minimal hassles getting back over, I grabbed some cool night shots as we went through the Niagara region.

Tim calls and asks if we're going to RANCHO for dinner. The last thing I can do is eat, but a drink would be nice to rule off the day. So we head to Joe Mercury's and grab a drink and I actually grab.... FOOD! How I ate anything after the 5 plates at Ponderosa is BEYOND ME.

The next day I met up with Chris, Danella, Rob and Rick for a nice casual Sunday brunch. They gave me GAP heart shaped underwear and Danella's awesome shortbread cookies for the b-day and we just chatted enjoying our breakfast burritos as the sun shone brightly outside (but there was a bitter wind!).

This year, there was no BIG parties (I use to have parties with over 20 people), but I really did enjoy the quiet, down low time of my b-day and spending more QUALITY than QUANTITY time with friends. Thanks again to Greg for really making a great fun day in Buffalo.

How often do we get to say we jet set out of the country for the day? I'm a lucky guy!


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