Friday, February 17, 2006

I want my life back, but what is it anyway... anymore?

Photos: LEFT - Jennifer W and friend look in weird color orb at DAVE AND BUSTERS (Vaughn, ON) - MIDDLE: The drawing and artist, handed to me at CUT AND PASTE 2006 (person unknown) - RIGHT: Isaiah Trickey at his photo exhibit at Harbourfront (part of the KUUMA 2006 Festival)

So, the last couple of weeks have been NUTS beyond words. Besides trying to reach deadlines with writing and organizing the Olympics at work, it's been busy busy BUSY. I pushed KITK at 2 different small press shows, organized b-day stuff, a film screening, radio interview. LOTS.

But 2 weeks ago it started by going to my friend Isaiah's photo exhibit (and I think his first) at Harbourfront as part of the KUUMBA festival. Between him and Steve Carty, their collection of Urban Photography was amazing. Y'know those moments when you're REALLY REALLY proud of your friends? This was one of them.

The next day I did my first appearance at the notorious Toronto small press fair, CUT AND PASTE at Sneeky Dees. Richelle and I shared a booth together which was REAL slow going at first. Then I just had taken the shyness of people and turned on my Ron Popeil/Shopping Channel background to sell DVD's and various other goods distributed by my dime store entertainment empire. I'm loving my digital camera as I ended up taking the photo above of some girl who was handing out the drawings she was doing during the show. Thanks again to Stacey Case for getting it together.

On rolls the next week and another show. This one in Brampton. Now I know why I only go to Brampton for the VERY occasional booty call! Nobody buys s--t! Kids didn't really come over to see what we were selling. But I did chat it up with some other female vendors that were making the mack, so it was still fun. Greg (Eclectic Screening Room) and I went up with Conflict Archives fans Brian and Rita who were too much fun. We were all like crack addicts at Cash Converters with 99 cent videos.

Sunday was an early B-day celebration before my folks left for Cuba. Jenn W and I share our birthdays on the same day, and it's been too long since both our families got to hang out. DAVE AND BUSTERS is a pretty fun place. My longtime family friend (and Jenny's Mom) Mame is kick ass on the skeeball/horseracing game!

I also hosted the BE MY VILE VALENTINE screening on Tuesday. I did a fun tongue in cheek radio show on CIUT 89.5 FM and DJ Skip's show "Ska Party". Afterwards, While on my Nokia at Bistro 422, Tim Royal tells how I should hurry as there's been lots of people asking about it. I couldn't believe how good the turnout was! Best one we've had in awhile! On top of it, we gave out prizes to three random people to tell us their best "Story of Heartache or Heartbreak". It was great fun as the first person starts off "I was 15 and in love with this lesbian rabbi..." A good night all around the ickiest time of year, Valentines Day!

After work the next day, I had a meeting with some people regarding working on a new music vid. We brainstormed afterwards in a very skuzzy Baker's Dozen doughnuts and cruised back in the city.

No wonder I crashed last night on the couch, eating meatballs and onion rings, watching DALLAS SWAT.

I'm burnt out beyond words.

But the busy schedule was STILL not over (


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