Monday, November 06, 2006

Praying for the Sun / Videoclipe of the Week - TOKIO HOTEL "Schrei"

After a cold week we actually had some sun this weekend! But it's still been a mind f--k dealing with the whole temperature and lack of sunlight thing. Good times....

The weekend was oddly enough relaxing in a weird sort of way, but at some point I did have to work on a soundtrack. Yours truly got asked to "oversee" the sountrack to a small film a co-worker commissioned me to do after reading an article about me in our company newsletter. It's actually an angle in filmwork I've never really thought about doing, but working on the project has exposed me to lots of new bands, and some very good talent out there as well. Even on the weekend, someone in my hood was trying to sell me some DVD's and I got their mixed tape. If only some of you knew how many mixed tapes of hip-hop I get in, and how many of them are actually playable/enjoyable, but this one was, by far, the BEST Toronto hip-hop demo I've heard in years.... It's like, WTF! The only reason coming in contact with this was because of a freak chance encounter!!!!!!

Which takes me to our video of the week by Germany's Tokio Hotel. My exposure to this band was in a Russian resort in the summertime in a bar, where I asked our fluent in English bartender (from Moldova) what was playing. He told me "Tokyo Motel" but after seeing the band on a Russian music mag, problem corrected and solved. This vid (sourced from VIVA) is much better quality then another one running on youtube, so enjoy!

Freak encounters. Gotta love em!


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