Tuesday, November 28, 2006

VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - SALVATORE ADAMO - "La Nuit" - Dion esittaa Ihana paska!

(Photos: Mr. Conflict outside the Russian version of Home Depot - Far right: Scott
with his Bespin World Star Wars (in Box)
set after Eclectic Screening Room gig)

The weather has been particularily nice in the slum we call Toronto, but it just makes me think all is eerie in a weird kind of way. It gets dark really fast, and this has to be one of the foggiest fall seasons I can remember. But I digress.

I put up some older pics that I've been clearing out of my camera, as I still go through liquidating lots of film prints and such. However, I've been grabbing many more for my collection. Give me everything in the world!!!! :)

Otherwise, it was a fairly dull weekend. After a full day of running on Saturday, I was ready to crash for the evening. However, the next day I got to see the Toronto Finish Theatre Co's premiere of "Ashes to Ashes, Boom to Bust" directed by Janne Suutarinen at Suomi-Koti. This must have been the best production so far as all the acting was very good, and you know I'm usually UBER critical and NEVER give props! It's funny that most of the English plays I've seen (from Finland) involve funerals, or a funeral home! Hardee har har!

Still been involved with getting the music video production stuff together and the weekend before last had an OUT OF CONTROL pub crawl with East Coast rhymer, Johnny Rourke. If only I could share the story about the guy in the bathroom from Newfoundland and a 9pm Graffiti shoot. But anyhow!

In the meantime, here's a Scopitone for you by the incredible Adamo and "La Nuit"! Zack pointed out that the female in the video reminded him of former CFMT hostess Karen Burdelson, who hosted entertaining segments between Jerry Springer and other CFMT shows. Karen, where are you? Speaking of Scopitones, there's a machine for sale on Ebay! Now that's a Christmas gift I want!

Enjoy the VIDEOCLIPE of the week. Adamo!



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