Monday, November 13, 2006

Visiting Jane/Finch - VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - "Älä koskaan ikinä" - Kuikka??? ;)

The weekends sure are jammed filled, but maybe it's because I'll leave some things horribly late. Usually when weekends come here, I have meetings to go to. Some form of meeting about something.

Sunday afternoon has me at trendy Mitzi's sister eating homemade yoghurt with vanilla with Dave and Julie and baby Emily. Perhaps we were kept out of the loop as to how popular the place has become because it was busy busy busy.

Afterwards, I had a meeting regarding working on another music video which required me to go to the notorious intersection of Jane and Finch, what most of Canada envions parts of Johannasburg is like.

Getting off the bus, there's some open space where the booming highrises are. The artist and I walk through the Jane and Finch mall which had a great flea market filled with a great selection of mixed tapes and the like. Afterwards we head over to another mall. My friend is pretty well known there and was greeted by many. "Yeah D, we got lots of love here" he says and he's right. Despite what many will say about the area, it is one of the few areas in Toronto where you really do get a sense of community. Really, this happens very little in the rest of Toronto. Sure, if you got beef goin, stuff can go down. It can happen pretty much anywhere and depends how high you want to aim for the sky, or who you want to roll with. But I've been around the world and know to ALWAYS question what the media says. ALWAYS.

My mailbox again is busting with a mixture of Christmas presents and things I've picked up. One was a print of "The Mysterious Mr. Wong" with Bela Lugosi. Originally, I thought they ripped me off a reel, but everything was compressed on 3 reels. Bela Lugosi, with his thick hungarian accent, playing an Asian. Gotta love it!

Speaking of love, ja rakkaus.... Tassa se on, my VIDEOCLIPE of the week. I haven't featured anything from Finland for awhile, so here's a fun video by EGOTRIPPI which is from the soundtrack of one of my fav Finn films, "Nousikausi". "Älä koskaan ikinä" on ihana! Kippis!


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