Saturday, August 16, 2008

REEL BUSY - The "transition" from showing films, to making them!

(Photo: On set during the casting of the music video @ the CBC Building, Downtown Toronto)

It's been some time since writing in my blog/website. But I gotta say I don't know if it could get any busier. Well, maybe it could.

Firstly, my DVD came out on ALPHA for the lost film "Second Chance", the film with Ruth Warrick and Hugh Beaumont, which includes a documentary on saving the film print and it "Church Films" with yours truly as the talking head, and shot by my production company KAUNIS PETO GROUP. When we submitted it to the people at Alpha, the head hancho Steve told me he loved "every frame of it" which made me happy. It felt great to get back into production and layed some concrete with Brian and Dave, two of the integral aspects of the techinal end of things. That got the ball rolling for something even bigger....

A few months later, we would be together again working on a much bigger project. I'm finally happy to say that after a hiatus, I'm back in the director's chair and have directed a NEW music video! I'm still "hush hush" about the artist till the video is released, but we've wanted to work together for years. After having a production meeting with the other guys, we invited him in to hear the track. I loved it, and I think I'm always REALLY CRITICAL when it comes to music and couldn't just direct a music vid for anyone.

While it's been lots of work (from scheduling on all our ends) I think the end product looks SPECTACULAR. My assitant director Brian made sure I was on track the day we were shooting, making sure I got the shots I needed. The location was unbelievable, and everyone pulled in to make it work. Directing is my true love, and it's always great to be reunited with the ones you love, right?

Hopefully, we will be premiering this to the world in some format, September 1st, and who knows, maybe a TV Premiere in Finland! Which brings me onto the topic of Finland...

Beginning August 29th, I'll be on tour in Finland with the latest installment of HUNKA JUNK. Tampere again will mark the start of the WORLD PREMIERE of HUNKA JUNK 6! From there, it will move onto over 4 different cities and venues. Be sure to check back here on the latest dates and showtimes, plus whatever else I might be up to there! I always look forward to retuning to Finland, and this time is no different. Finns, save me your Hesburger coupons, and chill that Golden Cap ciideri for me!

That it for now, but yea. Life's good. If while there, I get my TV show pitch off the ground with Finnish television, that would be even better!


Blogger Doug Tilley said...

Good luck on the TV pitch, and congrats on the directing gig! Definitely looking forward to seeing the results.

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