Saturday, April 05, 2008

Thanks Cleveland!

A long overdue notice to say thanks to all those in the Cleveland area who made HJ there such a huge success including the Cleveland Cinematheque, coolcleveland dot com, The Cleveland Free Times, the Martins, The Alkazar Hotel, and all those that came out for the United States premiere!

It had been some time since going to Cleveland, and there's always been some sort of bonding I've had with Ohio since going there back in the early nineties to see punk bands at Kent State U. Besides dealing with announcements back in Toronto about a impending snow storm, I always enjoy my time in Cleveland and noticed many things since last being there in 2004. But the one thing was the potholes. When you drive on Martin Luther King Drive, look out! You can lose a car in some of them!

The audience was great, and I got a chuckle out of someone who kind of knew about the whole Finland connection thing asking me to sign their DVD, but in Finnish, which I did.

Otherwise, on the news front. My production company has finally completed my first doc in some time for the upcoming release of the film "Second Chance" with a documentary called "Second Chance at Second Chance" which will be included with the DVD released by ALPHA HOME VIDEO. Dave and Brian, my other partners in crime are truly professionals and great to work with.

Nicer weather is on it's way, and I look forward to the spring and summer. Slowly, plans for Europe are falling into place. That's good!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I was at the Cleveland Cinematheque for the screening and afterwards bought dvds of both Hunka Junk 4 and Hunka Junk 5.

But on #4, the signal breaks up on all clips following "Babysitting" until "Silly Soap".

How can I get a replacement for this defective dvd?

Tim D.

thd at

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disc received a dew weeks ago - meant to email/write but didn't get around to it.


Tim D.

thd at cwru dot edu

8:06 PM  

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