Thursday, August 16, 2007


(photo courtesy: Minna Harmaala)
Moi ja mita kuuluu!

HUNKA JUNK 5 returns to Finland to show an obscure collection of 16mm educational films, commercials and other strange celluloid. See animated bikes sing! The worst in sound foley! Local pitch men sell used cars! Kids go on smashing sprees, and so much more! Over 25 different short films, all in one evening!

Here's the dates as to WHERE you can see HUNKA JUNK 5 in Suomi!

AUGUST 24th @ Kino Niagara (Tampere, Finland) - 20:30 PM - (Pirkanmaa Film Centre)

AUGUST 25th @ Kino Thalia - (Turku, Finland) (16:00) (

AUGUST 29th @ It-dynamon auditorio (Jyväskylä, Finland) (time tba) (

NYT!!!! - Dion Conflict will be appearing on the program YLE EXTRA on Thursday with Finnish Idol contestant - pop star - ANTTI TUISKU! Joo, it's true. After 18:00, before 19:00. Check listings for YLE EXTRA in your hood!

SEPTEMBER 1ST @ Kino Engel (Helsinki, Finland) (21:00) (tickets to be sold at 19:00)

Also, be sure to check out dion on Lahiradio's "Meteliä maan alta" (100.3 FM) August 26th @ 20:00 with Pekka Malinen spinning new Albanian hip hop and other "paska" from around the globe!

Contact us for more information including press releases, photos, screener information, and more!

Ja, be added to the e-mail lista by typing in for all the latest info on the HUNKA JUNK 5 appearances, and other Conflict Archives info!


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