Monday, September 26, 2005

Banana Cream Pie, Pimping, and film projects

I did a roadtrip to a Perkins in Etobicoke, almost got picked up as a male prostitute, and interviewed a cool cameraman to hopefully work on a new 35mm project. And how was your weekend?

My friend Sandra called me up on Friday night after I came home exhausted. My friend Caroline drives me after work close to the CNE grounds, and after that I walk home. Sandra calls me up and wants to go out for coffee.

Sometimes I love urban nostalgia. My American friends groan (I'm sure) when I beg them to take me to Ponderosa, K-Mart, and Big Boy. We ALWAYS make it to K-Mart (several times!).

Channel 5 in Toronto is the TV guide channel which scrolls what's really on/not on television while running ads. This is when I saw ads for the American chain "Perkins" having not 1, but 3 locations. So when Sandra called wanting to go for coffee, I met up with her and told her it was time to do a roadtrip. Well, one to another city anyhow. Sandra and I rattled past midnight in it's bright flurecent interior (it's also located next to a Holiday Inn, not too far away from the airport) eating the best banana cream pie EVER and mozzarella sticks. Sandra and I have always went on these short but unusual road trips. It might be good I DON'T have a car right now as I would do it all the time.

Otherwise, the weekend was just filled with this and that. I'm trying to find a good experienced 35mm cameraperson for a short project I'm working on and getting tons of reels. For some reason, lots seem to be devoid of the material they shot on 35mm. If you're applying to shoot something in 35mm, perhaps you should have examples of that on your reel, you think???

The male prostitute thing was pretty funny... I was walking a drunk friend home who lived in the downtown area. I'm normally NEVER in the downtown area past 4 in the morning, but was slowly making my way up to the vomit comet (an all night bus here in Toronto) when some strange Pakistani guy who looked like a cross between Osama and Luke Perry kept trying to move closer to the curb, somehow thinking I was a working boy saying s**t like "looking for work?" out the window of his ratty car with a faded blue exterior. What was funny was anytime he turned a corner, his front end would make this screechy sound. The car was WORSE than my silver mama I had! (I'm sure lots of you know it). Then while taking a side street a huge rat ran across the street. Soon I was in the safety net of drunk people on the bus, rambling home, wishing I had a calling card to call friends overseas.

But yeah, it was a good weekend (or interesting). I guess it beat staying at home and cleaning.


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