Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Psychic Tea

I was thinking a couple days ago when I had my first cup of tea. It was in high school when I was having my tea leaves read by a psychic named Evelyn.

Dave and Jim were friends that I knew from their numerous visits to the video store I worked at as a teen. They were always wanting to do seances, ouija boards, blah blah blah. One time they told me that they were having a psychic come to Dave's house to do a reading.

They picked me up in Dave's Honda where Evelyn, who lived in nearby Ajax, was waiting in the back seat. On the way to Dave's house, we were travelling on one of Oshawa's main roads which had a mix of suburbia and strip malls loaded with latex paint stores (this was pre Home Depot, and this street had tons of them for some reason).

"Oh, I can feel you live in a nice neighbourhood!" said Evelyn, who looked too much like my grade 8 teacher, Ms. Findlay.

Dave and Jim mentioned this afterwards in a "whoa! she's good kind of way". Frick, wasn't Oshawa all the same, somewhat?

Evelyn read tea leaves, so we had to drink the tea in the teacup, leaving just the tea leaves in the bottom of the china cup, turning the saucer overtop of it. The tea tasted bitter. Tea was always something "gross" to me. Being at my Grandfathers in Florida drinking it without sugar one time by accident in a southern buffet almost made me gag. But this tea, was warm. I drank it and played with Dave's dog Chocoholic while they had Evelyn spew her wisdom out with each of us (privately), one at a time.

After gulping down the nasty toilet water passing as tea, it was my turn to see Evelyn. She flips over my cup and says I can ask three questions.

"What will my prom be like?" (a pressing question for anyone in their senior year).

"I see this girl," Evelyn says, "She's wearing a leg brace as she's had some kind of childhood disease like Polio. She's laughing and I see her swaying and having a good time!"

My mind pressed if there was a female that even FIT this description in our school. My next question focused on my "film career". Evelyn basically said that I'd be involved with computers, and didn't see me doing anything with film, maybe commercials.

This was crushing to a young lad like myself. Dave and Jim were comforting saying to take whatever a psychic says with salt. Tea leaves wern't exact.

Indeed. Film has ate up lots of my life and Sandra (who I'm still friends with and wrote about below in the Perkins story) was my prom date. I kept asking her if she had a leg brace and knowing our run-in with Evelyn, we would laugh. At one point, I was almost wishing she WOULD put one on, for effect!

So, I NEVER really drink tea otherwise. And working in Adult Cinema made me become a coffee addict (another story!). Perhaps I can't drink tea now without thinking about that SWINDLER who calls herself a psychic, Evelyn and tell her she's wrong, wrong, wrong!

..and tea, unless it's ice tea, basically sucks!


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