Sunday, November 11, 2007

A well lit city...

I've woke up after only sleeping about 4 hours (this is my routine as of late).

After hanging with my friend Aleksi yesterday I came home in the evening. My apartment had it's normal disarray but it seemed horribly like the last place I needed to be in the world. For some reason I got in the door and had to just take my keys, my wallet, throw on a Detroit cap, and bounce.

Out the door I go thinking maybe by hitting the streets, the answers would come from a long walk.

From my West end home, I had to go all the way South to Younge and Queens Key, down King Street, up Roncesvalles to go back home. This walk went 6 hours and during my last bit of it, I felt physically like someone had taken my one leg and twisted it like a piece of licorice.

With a chill in the air, I was in search for answers, or trying to figure out all that the week had "given me". Here's what I found:

a) The city is well lit
b) I almost got punched out by some fiend/possible homeless person. I was just walking and he almost punched me out
c) It was chilly. As I walked along the boardwalk of Harbourfront, a young Asian couple was laying on the boardwalk, engaged in romantic conversation and laughing as she rested on his chest. My initial thought was to push them in the water, but it was cute.
d) Lots of people who look like they are from Woodbridge eat at Richtree.
e) Some guy real west on King Street asked me for directions to get to Zanzibar (a downtown strip joint). He was from Ottawa, a little drunk, I encouraged him to grab a cab.
f) Some scrap was going on right on Symington. It was loud and people were coming around from out of nowhere. It was a little odd.
g) You can't find answers when the question itself is in code or doen't really have an answer


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