Monday, December 31, 2007

VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - K'Maro - "Femme like U'

Well, it looks like the year is coming to an end! Indeed 2007 was an interesting ride! I've been blessed with great friends and others believing in my vision this year, so there's really no complaints. From hanging out in Times Square with Albanian pop stars, to being a Best Man at a wedding in Finland, Eating Indian food on a 4 hour trip to Estonia, hell, why complain?

So, I was thinkin 'bout K'Maro, the Lebanese/French-Canadian "urban" artist. Possibly, the MOST sucessful Canadian Urban artist in the world that NOBODY in English Canada has heard of! This is an older track by him from his debut album, mixing English and Francais. His follow up, which I got at the Russian version of Home Depot, is terrible.

But anyhow, K'Maro ends our VIDEOCLIP OF THE WEEK for the year.

And may all my friends out there be blessed with the best for 2008! Bring it on!


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