Tuesday, January 22, 2008

VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - Mari Liis' "Kellegi jaoks"

Whoa. Unbelievable things have been happening within the last week, which I'm going to get to when I have some more time to unwind. But in the meantime....

HUNKA JUNK DVD's are at GOOD CATCH! See my previous post for location to purchase your own copy and check out other posts for locations within the GTA where you can pick up your copy of HUNKA JUNK 5!

But hey, time to post a VIDEO! Mari Liis is from Estonia, and I saw this AGES ago on an Estonian music DVD I picked up at a mall in Tallinn, Estonia. Anyhow, this cut of the different is much different then the one made for home video. It's bubblegum Eesti-Pop, so enjoy Mari Liis in the videoclipe of the week!


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