Sunday, January 06, 2008


It's 2008 everyone! Indeed even with the week being sluggish and about as interesting as Friday's leftovers, I'm optomistic to move on with bigger and better things. I'm slowly looking forward to bringing HUNKA JUNK to Cleveland (February 15), the DVD deal with Alpha, and generally being optomistic!

But hey, for Christmas I got a new flat screen TV and was watching my DVD by Russian boy band PRIME MINISTR (which PAL/SECAM dvd's look amazing on the new TV), and thought about most Europeans who follow the Eurovision competition would remember them from 2002 and their English track, "Northern Girl". While far from my fav Russian pre-fab band, this track I like to hear from time to time. Anyhow, it's my VIDEOCLIPE of the week!

Later on this week, I'll write a letter to Lenor. If you don't know WHO Lenor is, you should be ASHAMED to a certain extent, and also search my other blog entries for the legend of Lenor, and also a pic! I talked with Igor last week however and he told me they are not using Lenor at the moment because of the baby. Poor Lenor


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