Thursday, October 06, 2005

Это ты объявила войну, but haven't we all? :)

ULTRA BRA - Still "perkele hyvaa" ;)

It was the first time I got to meet up with some friends since June, so I bolted home and had a whopping 20 minutes to myself before having to arrive for dinner. So, I hop in the shower and throw in something that I hadn't played for months. Ultra Bra's "SINÄ PÄIVÄNÄ KUN SYNNYIN". Frick, I forgot how good that DISC 2 is. While soaping myself up, I'm belting out "villiviini" which I was sure a neighbour might any minute try to kill me. But one older neighbour said he actually started liking ULTRA BRA from repeated playing at my place! It's not like I'm playing AURORA or KORNI over and over. Well, that was last month!

Tonight I have NO real commitments, except meeting with my neighbour Cat for some dinner as we enjoy the last real night of "summer type weather". I'd crack open a bottle of Georgian wine, but there's really no red meat in my freezer as I try to finish off veggie burgers and the like, preparing for winter. It will be nice to chill this evening anyhow.

Anyhow, I'm listening to Shpat Kasapi, feeling overwhelmed, and can't wait to split. So I will, and spare you this thread of ka-ka.


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