Monday, June 16, 2008


WHO is the mystery celebrity that will show up?

WHAT are the mystery films and world premier shorts showing (including one student film with a perky Game Show girl?)

WHEN will the new goodies hit the snack bar, including Burrito Boys, Beef Jerkey, Danishes, pizza slices, and breakfast items?

WHY not invite your friends and indulge in a night and morning of the rarest films from one of Canada's best private archives, all in their 35mm glory?

HOW could you EVER EVER think of sleeping????

This is it folks! The FINAL WEEK stretch to one of the CONFLICT ARCHIVES most ambitious events EVER! SHOCK AND AWE hits the Fox Theatre (2236 Queen Street West) this Saturday, running from 11:30 PM till 10 AM the next morning. In one mind blowing experience, you'll get to see SIX grindhouse packed flicks. Eat tons of goodies from the snack bar, buy lots of cool DVD's, film reels, and cool film publications. From obscure burlesque (NAUGHTY NEW ORLEANS), Art-House Horror (THE BOOGEYMAN), Blaxploitation (THE BLACK SIX), Dirty (DANISH PASTRIES), Threesome love triangle/Jaws Rip-off (TINTORERA) and the final capper of them all, Peter Jackson disgusting yet tongue in cheek gorefest (DEAD ALIVE), SHOCK AND AWE is a Toronto first, and something YOU CANNOT MISS.

Presented by DION CONFLICT, RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE, AFTER DARK FILM FESTIVAL, and of course the fine boyz at the Fox, you'll have all Sunday to sleep. RUN to get your tickets (the hottest in the city!) at all FILM BUFF locations (73 Roncesvalles Ave. & 1380 Queen St. East) and at the FOX box office.

DOORS OPEN AT 11PM (get that seat early for you to chillax in for the night/morning!). And like a grindhouse, you can almost come crash anytime. But not if it's sold out! So grab your tickets.. NOW! A wrist-band policy is also in effect for those of you that need to go outside to 'get some air' ;)

Sleep is for suckers.


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