Friday, February 08, 2008

VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK - Fettes Brot's "Jein"

The weekend is finally here and I'm slowly preparing for HUNKA JUNK 5 - CLEVELAND. Ohio has always held a million stories after a visit, and I know this will be the same. Ohio and Finland have both been kind of these personal "oasis" places for myself. Plus, it is the home state of Nick Lachey, Traci Lords, John Holmes AND Devo!

It looks like either this week or next week, I'll be shooting a DVD documentary supplement so I'm trying to prepare for that, and still get out of my burnout state. My work has a ban on vacations JUST after I leave for Cleveland, which sucks because of dealing with a million other things lately, I was hoping to fly to Kosova for a week to visit some friends. This might have to happen in April as I'm not booked up anywhere that I know of... YET.

But hey, here's my VIDEOCLIPE of the week of my fav song by one of my old Fav German hip-hop groups, FETTES BROT. Many times I've spun this and people have said, "Whoa, what's that? It's great". Well dayum, I hate giving away ALL my secrets, but sharing FETTES BROT and this spagetti western inspired video makes me say "Einfach gesagt fettes brot is die beste rap band der welt!!!"


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