Friday, February 09, 2007

My newest letter to Lenor

If you are unfamiliar with Lenor, you need to read a little further in my blog about the mystical girl on Russian fabric softener bottles for the full story.

Dear Lenor:
Hey, it's been awhile. I hope you're still shining your sunshine in the way only you can to the fine housewives of Russia.

Well, it's been frightfully cold here. Yesterday I went to get a table for my new printer. Yes Lenor, I've finally become part of the digital age and have a computer now in my home. My friends must be baffled. The DVD's burners come in handy! ;)

But anyhow, I went to dial the number where to pick up the table and could barely push the buttons as my fingers were becoming mumified! Eegads, but tonight isn't too bad.

Well, I'm missing you and Finland and my friends over there. Or maybe it's just travelling as things are the same old here. But I'm sure some are stunned that I'm actually taking time to clean and get that part of my cluttered life in place. But it is exhausting especially after the long trek out to work, which is, as you would say in Shqip, "Muti"!!!! ;)

But I'm slowly getting some film things together. But it's been nice having a well deserved break. Forever, I've been multi-tasking about 1000 projects. Could I be burning out in my old age? Nah, I think it's just time to step back and reflect and focus in on what one should be doing.

Well, I wish you were here to help the clothes smell better, but after I finish my bottle of SNUGGLE fabric softener, I'm going to use something more "earth friendly". We all gotta do our part.

Oh, and I won't sign this with "lots of love" as Valentine's day is coming up and I'm sure there will be lots of couples bumping and grinding on satin sheets with pillar candles ablaze. May you light them all on fire! HAHAHAHA!


PS: I'll have a VIDEOCLIPE OF THE WEEK next week, I swear!